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Vom Bustos Hause was founded in 2015 by my wife Clara a Real State Agent and myself Frank Bustos an IT Engineer. We first started researching breeds as we wanted a dog to protect our home and be protective when necessary but we didn’t want a barker or a dog with aggressive temperament. We researched the German Sheperd, Doberman, Mastiff along with other large breeds and we finally made a decision to purchase a German Rottweiler female. A few months went by and we decided to purchase another Rottweiler and then the idea of breeding came back to use one night when we were out for dinner. My wife Clara use to breed Poodles and I did a couple of breedings myself with Pit Bulls back in the 1990’s. We then started to plan out the layout of our kennels and we started digging deeper into the Rottweiler breed. We imported some females from Europe which were bred with some really nice studs that gave us nice puppies but we were looking for something other than just nice puppies, we were looking for the WOW beautiful, healthy and well temperament puppies. We then did more research on pedigrees, bloodlines and we studied very carefully the structure and temperament of parents, grandparents up to 4 generations back. We made some changes and then 2 years later we saw the results we wanted to see. We are now rated as one of the best Rottweiler Breeders in the USA by Google and our client’s reviews say it all. We are also an AKC Compliant Kennel and have excellent ratings with AKC as well. We breed beautiful, healthy puppies with excellent temperament and are very well socialized when they go to their new families at 8 weeks of age. We give a health guaranteed that as of today I’ve never heard of or seen anyone else offer. Our adult Rottweilers are all beautiful and have amazing temperaments as they must because after all puppies inherit those traits from the parents and generations down the line. We have been very successful because we are honest and we take care of our Rottweilers pack and of our clients. We breed for temperament and health. Our Rottweilers are #1 and so are our clients. We are located in beautiful Temecula Wine Country California USA, please contact us to reserve your beautiful healthy German Rottweiler. ​